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Announcing the Nation’s First-Ever Sponsorship Marketing Association

Sponsorship Mastery, a leading organization for supporting sponsorship education, training and networking, has announced it will become the first-ever Sponsorship Marketing Association.

“We connected with thought leaders in our industry and discovered there was a critical gap in how sponsorship marketers are served,” said Paula Beadle, CEO of the Sponsorship Marketing Association. “We saw a staggering demand for resources first-hand throughout the pandemic and wanted to provide insights, ideas and inspiration to the industry. We believe sponsorship marketing has the power to bring organizations together to connect with audiences and impact communities.”

The Association’s mission is to strengthen, unify and advocate for the industry’s continued growth. Based on data from Statista and Verified Market Research, the United States is the largest sponsorship nation in the world, accounting for 1/3 of the global market ($26.2 billion). Until now, a dedicated sponsorship association did not exist in the United States. The Association will aim to create industry standards to raise the level of excellence across the industry.

By coming together, exchanging ideas, sharing trends and best practices, and learning from one another, sponsorship marketers will master the art and science of sponsorship. From the seasoned pro to the industry newcomer, the Association will serve as the resource for information and inspiration to help organizations and sponsorship marketers thrive.

The Association’s cornerstone offerings include hosting the annual Sponsorship Summit, recognizing industry leaders through the Sponsorship Excellence Awards, and an array of in-demand resources, including the popular 7in7 interview series, blogs, and downloadable tools and guides.

Members of the Sponsorship Marketing Association will benefit from educational workshops and webinars, networking opportunities and events, research and resources, career services, and more, to support sponsorship marketers in real-time and as they prepare for the future.

The Sponsorship Marketing Association will be guided by an advisory board that currently includes Lesa Ukman, Founder of ProSocial Valuation, Sarah Smith Pancheri, President of Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., Mike McCann, Senior Manager Global Sponsorships at Amazon, Laura Day, Executive Vice President, Chief Business Officer at Minnesota Twins, Jane Zalutsky, Founder and Principle of JZworks, and Michael Kithcart, Founder of Wynning Your Way.

In honor of the launch, the Sponsorship Marketing Association has announced a Founding Member campaign, which includes discounted rates through Dec. 31, 2022. Learn more about the Association and become a Founding Member.