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Insights from Industry Veteran Tony Wells

We are excited to announce the latest 7in7 episode, featuring the highly accomplished C-suite executive, Tony Wells! Tony’s vast experience and achievements have made him a prominent figure in the business world. Currently serving on the Board of Directors at Yelp! and TripleLift, and recently joining the board at NexStar Media Group, his expertise in the industry is unparalleled. As the former Chief Media Officer at Verizon and a four-time CMO, Tony has managed an impressive sponsorship portfolio in sports, media, music, and gaming industries.

Connecting with Consumers through Sponsorship: In this captivating episode, Tony shares his passion for sponsorship and its unique ability to connect with consumers on a deeper level. He emphasizes that successful sponsorships go beyond mere advertising; they showcase shared values and interests between brands and their audiences. With his extensive background in marketing, Tony sheds light on how strategic sponsorship can foster a genuine bond with customers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and engagement.

Sponsorship as a Key Element in Your Marketing Mix: Drawing from his own experiences, Tony offers invaluable insights on incorporating sponsorship as a crucial element in your marketing strategy. Whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting, Tony’s advice can help you leverage the full potential of sponsorships to drive brand visibility, awareness, and overall success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain wisdom from a true industry veteran! Tony Wells’ episode on the Sponsorship Marketing Association’s 7in7 series is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone seeking to understand the power of sponsorship and its impact on brand-consumer relationships. Learn from Tony’s accomplishments, and discover how to make sponsorship a cornerstone of your marketing approach.

Tune in now and let his expertise guide you on a path to marketing success!

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