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Member Spotlight: Matthew Hammock


Senior Sponsorship Manager, Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission


Shreveport, Louisiana



What do you love most about sponsorship marketing?

I love connecting brands with our variety of events. Working in Sports Commission world, I get to work with and on so many different events each year. Every day is something different, sometimes every hour we’re working on a different event. Advocating for our cities and working with local, regional, and national sponsors is so much fun. My favorite sponsorships to work on are when we have a brand/company that has a mission or purpose that connects with our event. Then we get to see the true value of what sponsorship marketing can bring to the table.

What is one of your favorite things about your event?

Each event is different. One of my favorite events we host is the Red River Balloon Rally and the balloon glow is probably the best part overall. Sitting back and resting for 30 minutes while the balloons are in the air just makes the past year plus working on the event magical.

What is one of your best practices?

One of our best practices with the Sports Commission is making sure that the partnership makes sense for our organization as well as the partner. Sometimes that may be because the CEO really loves baseball so he’s going to invest in a baseball event we host. Sometimes a brand really wants to connect with our local military families, and we get creative on how to bring the families to our event or do something with them before the event. I strive to put our partners in a situation to be successful for every event.

What is something you are excited about in the future?

We announced in Mid-May that LSU women’s basketball is coming to Bossier City to play host to Grambling State University. This will be a fun event that I think will unite our cities and could become even bigger than we have been planning. We’re working on a presenting sponsor for the event and I hope to be able to announce that at the same time as the press conference to announce the game. This game will give us the opportunity to find brands and partners that are focused on women’s sports, DEI, and northwest Louisiana.

What inspired you to join SMA? OR What inspired you to attend the Summit?

I enjoy the opportunity to network and connect with other professionals that are working in the same line as I am. There aren’t a lot of folks in Sports Commission world that are solely focused on sponsorship marketing so the SMA allows me to connect with others around the industry.

The summit is a great opportunity for me to reset and focus on the future. What can I do to grow our partnership program. Becoming more innovative in the way we seek sponsorship partners. From the time I attended IEG in 2019 I knew that I needed to add a sponsorship summit/conference to continue honing in my craft.

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