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Member Spotlight: Diana Mayhew


CEO & President, National Cherry Blossom Festival


Washington, D.C.



What do you love most about sponsorship marketing?

Sponsorship marketing is my passion. I enjoy finding the right match and providing solutions. In a nutshell, I enjoy the challenge and process of creating innovative and interactive ways to engage a sponsor to achieve their goals with a win-win-win solution, aligning the goals and mission of the Festival and bringing value to our attendees with a meaningful, entertaining and memorable experience.

What is one of your favorite things about your event?

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is such a positive, fun, joyful brand with a powerful force to connect to all ages, from local residents to people all over the world. The Festival is emotionally charged through the beauty of the cherry trees and offers experiences rich in history, culture and tradition as well as fresh and innovative in Washington, DC, a spectacular destination.  This brand will stand the test of time.

What is one of your best practices? 

To approach relationships authentically and with the spirit of transformation vs. transaction in mind. Understand the key vision and objectives your sponsor and, together, always begin with the end in mind, thinking ahead to after the event…what would success look like?

What is something you are excited about in the future?    

I am a strategic planner and I enjoy looking ahead and identifying new opportunities as this Festival continues to evolve and sustain into the future. In 2025 I will lead my 25th Festival…I have been reflecting on all of the people and organizations that have been a part of the Festival’s growth and evolution during that time and I look forward to focusing on how to reach out to thank and acknowledge them for their contribution. In addition, 2027 will be one hundred years of the first festival celebrating this gift…a great story to tell.

What inspired you to join SMA?

I am someone who enjoys constantly learning and growing. Sharing knowledge is one of the most inspiring ways to learn, one-on-one or listening to a presentation, whether it is gaining an understanding about something completely new or refresh a topic you are familiar with. Through the SMA sessions online, at the Summit as well as great individual conversations with knowledgeable and professionals, I gain such valuable insight and it provides me a resurge of creativity and energy.

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