Jeff Hansen is a marketing professional and business strategist currently leading Microsoft’s global strategic partnerships discipline. Jeff’s team establishes and executes partnerships in the most relevant areas of culture, with timely stories that speak to what’s happening in the worlds of art, fashion, music, sports, and social causes. At the heart of their partnership strategy is product truth – creative use of Microsoft technologies to create solutions and experiences that are meaningful, tangible, and inspiring.

Jeff is a Pacific Northwest native where he currently resides in Bellevue with his wife and dog “Buddy”.  Outside of work and family, Jeff’s passion is in issues related to public education where he is an active philanthropist and board member.  He is an advisory board member for the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Oregon, a Seattle Sports Commission commissioner, past board member and President of the Bellevue Schools Foundation, a former Social Venture Partner, and a frequent guest speaker at various universities. Jeff is an avid reader, a hacker chef and enjoys almost any form of exercise where his current activities include boxing and tennis.