Krystal Marx (she/her) is a lifelong Washingtonian, out bisexual (cisgender) woman, and proud Millennial mother of four kids ranging from six to 14 years old. As the first Executive Director of Seattle Pride with over a decade in nonprofit management, she provides strategic direction on year-round programming and advocacy for Greater Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ community that expands beyond the infamous 400,000-person Pride Parade. Krystal is also the Deputy Mayor of Burien, Washington, having served on the Burien City Council since 2018. When not legislating, Krystal provides free community-identified training such as Bystander Intervention and Self-Defense. Finally, Krystal is the wife and caregiver to an Army combat veteran, and enjoys cooking, reading (and writing) urban fantasy, and watercolor painting when she isn’t running for Congress in Washington’s 9th Congressional District (2022).