With over 25 years experience in Sponsorships, Partnerships, Brand Marketing, Media, Experiential, Consumer Engagement, Integrated & Omnichannel Marketing, Promotions, and Creative work, Mark currently serves as CEO at the Allionce Group. Allionce is the leader in helping brand marketers and sponsors reach parents & kids during one of their most connected and authentic moments. With 195 million annual visits to more than 200 accredited zoos and aquariums throughout the U.S., Allionce has centralized this emerging market offering a new ecosystem and uncluttered environment to connect with families at venues boasting more total visits than all four major sports leagues combined.

Mark also currently serves as Board Director at Zoo New England. Prior to his current roles he spent time on the sidelines and in the front office of college and professional sports, bought and sold media across most channels, and has hired, managed, partnered and now owns and leads a marketing agency.

“Family First” is not just a sound byte to describe a target consumer segment Mark and his team have unique access to. It’s who he is – and how he lives everyday both professionally and personally. Mark and his wife have their own focus group at home with 3 young children.