Michael Wynne Kithcart is a high-performance leadership coach, consultant, speaker, and host of the Champions of RISK podcast. Her Wynning Your Way™ method provides an approach for sustainable, next level growth to thrive in business and in life.

Her 25-year career of leading, coaching and developing people and businesses is incorporated into her training and coaching sessions to expand perspective as well as deliver proven, researched options for optimum results. She has held positions as a Non-Profit Executive, VP of Sales, Director of Market Business Units, and has trained or coached hundreds of professionals as a corporate and executive coach.

Michael’s experience spans several industries in both private and public sectors. Her work with CEOs, senior leadership teams, sales teams and boards of directors has resulted in not only stronger collaboration and performance, but also significant revenue growth. She brings a high-performance approach to her coaching, ensuring that each leader builds upon strengths while developing teams and resources to complement them.

Her sessions are infused with brain-setting, high-performance principles, personal development, and business acumen to help high achievers become high performing leaders by shifting thinking, energy, and actions in a way that better serves them and the people around them.