Mindy Scheier is the founder of Runway of Dreams Foundation, which was established in 2014. The foundation is the first of its kind, dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to have confidence and self-expression through fashion and beauty inclusion. Mindy’s vision is to create a world where adaptive clothing is a standard, rather than a niche, and where people with disabilities are fully included in the fashion industry.
Runway of Dreams raises awareness, educates consumers, advocates for industry change, develops the next generation of design innovators, and provides access to fashionable adaptive apparel. Mindy’s innovative work in the Adaptive space has earned her recognition from the New York Stock Exchange to People magazine’s “Heroes Among Us: Making the Fashion Industry More Inclusive,” where she was invited to ring the bell in honor of her efforts to raise awareness and drive change for people with disabilities.

Mindy is also the Founder/CEO of GAMUT Management. GAMUT is a trailblazing consulting company and talent community that exists to lead brands towards doing better, more inclusive business, helping to engage with and develop new products for PWDs. GAMUT works with various clients, including Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Footlocker, and Kohls. Her dedication to the industry and ability to stay ahead of the curve has made her a sought-after expert in the Adaptive space. Her TED Talk and various TV appearances, including ABC’s The View, Good Morning America and the TODAY Show, have inspired many with her message of empowerment and drive for positive change. Through her work, Mindy has demonstrated that passion, innovation, and creativity are the keys to success in any field. Her achievements continue to inspire and influence the world today, and her efforts to promote inclusion and accessibility have made a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities.