Scott McNearney is the head of sponsorship/partnership development, customized brand integration and high-profile cross-conference marketing programs for the SXSW Conference and Festivals (largely know as SXSW Music, Film & Interactive). For more than 19 years, Mr. McNearney has successfully led the concepting and execution of hundreds of uniquely integrated brand programs at SXSW. Working effectively with companies such as digital technology platforms, CPG’s, music innovation brands, airlines, digital content providers, mobility solutions/automaker companies, etc, Mr. McNearney and his teams have created a vast range of unique campaigns that have left lasting and undeniably positive impacts on the world’s forward most thinkers. Consistently and effectively connecting brands with the most influential cutting-edge creative works in an authentic mutually beneficial way has brought Mr. McNearney to the forefront of the creative brand development industry. Brand concert events developed with McNearney’s expertise include talent ranging from Jay-Z and Prince to Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg.

Prior to SXSW, Mr. McNearney successfully produced hundreds of branded lifestyle events—for multiple major and emerging brands—with KBA Marketing based in Chicago (a Draft Worldwide agency). Mr. McNearney has more than two decades of proven experience in promotional, experiential and creative breakthrough work. Mr. McNearney’s ongoing creative evolution continues to place him at the front of the pack in the forward-thinking marketing space.