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A Real-World Learning Experience

Now more than ever, sponsorship marketers need to connect proven strategies with real-world challenges, to increase sponsorship revenue, build stronger partnerships and drive results. Our webinars are real-world learning experiences where you will:

  • Answer your biggest sponsorship questions with insider secrets, best practices and industry trends
  • Learn proven strategies to get the results you want, faster
  • Navigate the shifting sponsorship landscape with timely topics
  • Make valuable connections with industry experts and fellow sponsorship practitioners
  • Take immediate steps toward improving your sponsorship efforts with highly effective tools

Wednesday, February 28 | 11:00am PST

Authentic Marketing Partnerships

Bridge the gap between what brands desire and what properties deliver—because creative collaborations make the dream work. During our lively webinar, partners spill the tea on teamwork, communication, problem-solving, crafting big ideas, and delivering jaw-dropping results. Gain tips and strategies from partners who’ve mastered the art of building genuine marketing partnerships.

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Wednesday, March 27 | 11:00am PST

The Power of Data and Metrics

Data and research are a driving force behind decision making and measuring the success of sponsorship marketing campaigns. Learn what data and research is most important to corporate sponsors, where to find it, how to analyze it, and present it.

Wednesday, April 24 | 11:00am PST

Kick-Ass Activations that Wow Audiences

Data and research are a driving force behind decision making and measuring the success of sponsorship marketing campaigns. Learn what data and research is most important to corporate sponsors, where to find it, how to analyze it, and present it.

Wednesday, May 22 | 11:00am PST

World Cup Lessons in an Olympic Year

A captivating discussion that delves into the ever-evolving world of sports sponsorships, with a special focus on the seismic shift expected from the next World Cup. Learn how the upcoming global sports event is poised to transform the sponsorship arena, presenting fresh opportunities for brands seeking to connect with diverse audiences on an international scale. Whether you’re a sponsor or a rights-holder, everyone in the sponsorship industry will gain strategic insights from our expert speakers about the crucial role that sports, particularly soccer, will play in the sponsorship landscape.

Wednesday, June 26 | 11:00am PST

Swift Moves, Tough Conversations

Our willingness and ability to engage in challenging or “Tiger” conversations has a significant impact on professional success and personal happiness. Are you worried or distracted by difficult interactions? Are you unsure about how to approach a hard conversation? Well, this interactive session will provide tactical approaches, so you can face your Tiger.

Wednesday, July 31 | 11:00am PST

Sponsorship: A Smart Marketing Strategy

Sponsorship is an effective way for companies to connect with target customers, an essential strategy in any marketing plan. Over the past few years, the industry has transformed, and is evolving at a rapid pace. Trends and research indicate sponsorship marketing will continue to thrive as the economic and social landscapes shift, which means deep understanding of current and future trends is essential to success.

Wednesday, August 28 | 11:00am PST

A Sponsorship Brand Marketer’s Advice

Our special guest will shine a bright light on what works, what doesn’t, and why. With insights gained from crafting and reviewing hundreds of proposals each year, our guest has impactful observations on the dos and don’ts of creating successful partnerships – from the beginning to end. Discover common pitfalls to avoid and learn strategies and tactics to make you stand out from the crowd.

Wednesday, September 25 | 11:00am PST

Technology Drives Transformation

Explore how technology is driving a transformative shift in how sponsorships are bought, sold, managed, executed, and valued. Experts will shed light on the impact AI and other technologies have on the industry. We will explore innovative ways technology is forging meaningful partnerships, while providing opportunities and takeaways for everyone involved in sponsorships.

Wednesday, October 23 | 11:00am PST

Unforgettable Purposeful Partnerships

Brands are seeking opportunities to positively impact their communities and support social issues more than ever, taking powerful positions and using sponsorship as the vehicle. In this webinar, hear from experts about aligning brands, properties, and social good.

Wednesday, November 20 | 11:00am PST

Redefine Success, Unleash Potential

Unshackle yourself from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep ambitious individuals playing small. Redefine success on your terms, fueling a sense of energy, accomplishment, and fulfillment. Join this fast-paced, interactive session designed to facilitate small, impactful shifts in your internal environment.


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Best Practices, Bold Actions

Dive into the dynamic evolution of the sponsorship industry. Unleash your fearless and uncharted thinking with this webinar, offering speedy, efficient pathways to conquer your sponsorship goals. From industry predictions to key strategies, we’ve got the roadmap for your success. Seize the year ahead with actionable steps that set you on the winning track!

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